Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Trimpley does it again!!!

Trimpley Res, Eyemore wood and surrounding area's.

I must say this was a twitch, but as it was not very far away it wasent too bad..
A large flock of waxwings had been reported at the car park t trimpley, but when we arrived there wasent any sign of any birds, never mind waxwings. a smaller flock had been seen at a farm in eyemore wood, so natrually we walked there, but again no sign, but we did ge onto a flock of 15 Lesser Redpoll, which didnt contain many mealys, a MARSH TIT was seen here as well, as was a very confiding GOLDCREST, and a treecreeper was seen towards the river clinging to the side of a tree, A ravern flew over and a bullfinch called, weeping in the background...
we continued, down to the river and back to trimpley, then climb back to the car park. Small flocks of GOOSANDER shown very well on the side of the river (13 bird total), containing 3 Drakes, but the numbers dropped as we approaced the RES.
The Upper Res was birdless as there was sailing taking place, and to say it was devoid is an understatement, so we dropped down onto the river counting the Mandarins as we walked up, We ended up counting 56 MANDARINS but the albino bird again failed to show.

I walked up to the Lower Res. where 8 Tufted Duck greeted us, as did a G C grebe.

The walk back to the car park didnt show any birds, and when we got to the car park 2 Birders were there looking into a tree, but we continued past, and i opened the door, then at this point i heard trilling!!!!!!


I spun around, and saw a bird perched in the tree just to the left of me.....

Bins up: WAXWING...
Then another, 2 WAXWINGs.

I moved away from the birds and moved to a position which although further away was with the light and the birds were lit very well. Both were 1st winter birds, they dropped down onto the bushes with very few berries on a few times, giving stunning views, but i was unable to capture the moment. The crowd of 4 watched the birds for about 20 mins before they took off and flew off into Eyemore wood.
we again had another look in eyemore but only goldcrests were seen..



Jason K said...

Nice Waxwing shots Craig

midlands birder said...

Cheers jase :)