Friday, 8 October 2010

Nice evening at the Warren


Matt from the earlswood blog had offered to pick me up from the gardening job to head down to upton a bit earlier and it gave some very good birds.......

We first dropped into the Moors pool where very quickly we latched onto the BITTERN perched up in the reedbed at the north end, showing quite well in the sunlight too...

a Drake Gadwall was here but nothing out of the unusual tbh,

so we Headed down to the flashes where there was quite a few good birds, quite quickly the juv RUFF quickly popped up right below the hide giving absolutly amazing views.

We spotted a juv DUNLIN among the usual 4 Green sandpipers, LRP, Common sand and 8 snipe, a water rail walked along the edge of the reedbed, and this basicly explains the night, i watched the ruff etc untill when news of a little egret on the moors came through, i decided to stay in the hide and sure enough an hour and a bit later, there was the bird coming in to land with the BHG, on the flash, and showing very well..

a little owl was on the farm chimeny....



Robin Stokes said...

Hi MB, nice vid of the Bittern , i saw these pictures on RBA thought you would like to see them as i think they are your fav bird , have added link :
atb Rob

midlands birder said...

hey rob
just reading the address to the images i knew which one they are, simply stunning, may try it myself when we get some down here :)