Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Dirty,rotton, nasty ass twitching ;-D


a year since the upton red necked phalarope ( the fathers day bird)
a late get up, saw a text on my phone reading 'red necked phalarope, flashes. and i was out the house in 20 mins.
the female RED NECKED PHALAROPE shown better than last year feeding around the islands but as always in the AM the sun was shining into the hide so the images are backlit and not very good, but still a little improvement on last year, but ohwell, theres always next year.

12 avocet were feeding around the flash as was 5 LRP.

a stunning bird, in summer clothes of the best type, what a bird.



Rob said...

Hi MB , well done on the RNP really fantastic bird to see , also have you been for the Franklins gull ?? just wondered if you had any info about it ?? i am thinking about a trip up there this sat if it sticks around :)

midlands birder said...

hey rob,
i havent yet (note the yet part), but i do have info,
adult sum franklins gull again roosted at chasewater 2nite showing well from the visitor centre on the south shore (apposed 2 the sailing club where it was 1st found)
if you need any more info, just ask m8 :-D
also 1s sum med gull and a few y l gulls recently

midlands birder said...

rob- sorry news from 2day all negative, but adult med gull roosted last nite, also 2 sanderling and a few y l gulls

Rob said...

Hi MB , thanks for the info , even though its negative :( still i guess its one to look forward to in the future :) Chasewater seems the place for gulls though

Bagsy said...

Hello MB and welcome to my Blog. Thanks for looking in guess you liked the R-n Stint. You have an interesting Blog yourself and I'll keep my eye on it.
Good Birding!
Yours aye