Thursday, 3 December 2009


have never posted some of my drawings on this blog so here are a few i have made previously,as you will proberbly see most of my inspiration comes from birds that i have recently seen so here is a taster:

so what do you think,
comments welcome


Weekend Birder said...

Very Nice.

Ashley Hugo said...

Great, Better than I could ever do =)

Andrew Kinghorn said...

Fantastic drawings!

midlands birder said...

thanks guys
nice to know people like my drawings,
do you think i should start posting more in the future?

robbie said...

great drawings, i really like the crane ,and yes it would be good to see more :)

midlands birder said...

ok then,more drawing coming up
thks for the kind comments guys

Engelbert Humperdinck said...

great drawings. You can check mine out clicking on my name. EH