Wednesday, 23 September 2009

all quiet

it has to be expected, i am going to merge 2 upton warren visits together as i didnt see much and im still behind so:
despite a water rail showing very well from the feeder hides at the moors i didnt raise my camera,neither did i raise my camera at all.2 hobby's shown well briefly as they spead over the reeds in front of the turned back about half way up the lake and again flew close to the hide into the education could see the white cheek even though the light was to be honest,diabolical(i have been told by my teacher to use more sophisticated language in my writing so this is where im starting).even though i was quite early it went very dark.i mean dark like in a thunderstorm,but it didnt start raining,it just went dark.9 greylag geese flew over the moors twice(about 30 mins apart) and canadians were everywhere,it was nice to see a bit of summer when a common tern(adult,heavly moulting) flew in from the north and flew around the lake fishing,and proberbly my last common swift of the year,and i will say it now 'asta la vista birdy'(i first said that about 2 weeks before this day) and a few warblers were hanging on by there toe-nails,with a sedge warbler,a reed warbler and 3 willow warbler(and the resident warblers).a starling roost developed over the north moors with around 200 birds at least.
moving to the flashes it added the usual stuff,an LRP,5 green sand,2 common sad,39 curlew and only 2 snipe(well that i saw),the BHG roost was up to a massive 2000+ birds with smaller numbers of the larger gulls,the common tern from the moors again joined us and roosted on the posts in the first flash,a huge movement of swallows consisted of over 200 bird passing through including a flock of 150+ that hawked the reedbed to the south of the hide as i came in
again in the west hide for a water rail or ultimatly the bittern.unfortunatly neither shown.a juv pheasant ran into the feeder area brefly and them zoomed back out again.a snipe was seen on the opposite side of the lake.i will admit i spent most of the time chatting to the man who owns the yellow sports car(cant be bothered to write the real name) who i now know is called brian(i know loads of peope named brian and loads called andy,are they popular names or something).the last time i saw him was when he was russhing off to get the spotted crake at the moors.i was pleased to hear he did see it,but only for a few seconds before it dissapeared forever.he said if he didnt run from the car park he wouldent have seen it.we talked about his plans to visit spurn head the next day for booted warbler and barred warbler.then we got into a discution about his car how it is bad owning it,he dillebraty get blocked off at traffic lights and teenagers in stupid looking modded corsas(just an example) trying to get him to race them.

at the flashes it fared a bit better with a new arrival being a redshank which was a welcomed return and the snipe total had gone up to 6,the dunlin was still in residence at the back of the flash.a kingfisher was on the brook and 5 pied wags were flying around over the car park,25+ curlew came down(most as it was getting to dark to see) and the BHG roost had significantly dropped to only 1000 birds,a drop of 1000 on last week,7 green sands were poking around the shallows.i will just end this post with a couple of pics of 2 cars at upton:

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